8x26 MasterForm

8x26 MasterForm
Construction: 8xK26 WS Eight compacted strands, each in Warrington-Seale construction 1-5-5+5-10
Core: IWRC Independent Wire Rope Core
 Finish: B Zinc coated, Quality B
  U Uncoated (bright)
 Grade: 1770 1770 N/mm2 (IPS)
  1960 1960 N/mm2 (EIPS)
  2160 2160 N/mm2 (EEIPS)
Lay: sZ Right ordinary lay (Right regular lay)
  zS Left ordinary lay (Left regular lay)
  zZ Right Lang's lay
  sS Left Lang's lay
Diameter Range:   12 to 36 mm (½" to 13/8")
Properties & applications:
Very flexible construction with very good fatigue resistance. The compacted strands give this construction excelent resistance against wear and drum crushing. Used mainly for hoists with ropes aranged in pairs of left hand & right hand.

Information for use and maintenance:

 Rope Category Number (RCN): 09
Not to be used with a swivel
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